A night in Sandton


Yesterday evening as we walked into the Nelson Mandela Square there was a little black girl dressed in a pink tutu, her hair beautifully braided, posing under the Nelson Mandela statue. There were tons of tourists around, all waiting to take their photographs too, but nobody minded the wait. Seeing this little girl playing and dancing next to our icon was one of those ‘South African moments’.

She was so sweet that we also got caught up in photographing her but then crossed the Square with it’s gorgeous fountains and sidewalk cafes, and made our way to the Auto & General Theatre on the Square.

I love this theatre. It’s intimate, the owner Daphne Kuhn is always present, the foyer is plush and velvet, the walls are adorned with framed photographs from past productions, the bar is elegant and the theatre is just perfect. Luckily, we were early enough to have a delicious glass of chardonnay before the show.

And then we were totally immersed in the play, Blonde Poison, starring Fiona Ramsay. Oh my gosh. It’s a seriously brilliant production. It’s written by Gail Louw and based on the story of a ‘Greifer’, a Jewish catcher during the holocaust. It’s a one woman show, directed by Janna Ramos-Violante, and is sure to win many awards. It’s about survival and betrayal, is powerful and poignant and exceptionally good theatre.

After the show, we wandered outside slowly. The sun was just setting, the sky was magnificent and the little girl was still there but now playing in the fountains, her pink tutu soaking wet.

Again, it felt like a ‘moment’, this little girl a symbol of South Africa and freedom.

We felt proud. Proud of our writers, our actors, our theatre, our culture, our Nelson Mandela statue, our beautiful sunsets and our ability to appreciate art, beauty and culture

Spend an evening in Sandton. Blonde Poison is on until the 4th February and you can book at Computicket or directly at the theatre. Ask your Johannesburg Guesthouse to make your bookings for you, and they’ll happily make your dinner reservations too. We landed up eating at Bellagio Restaurant which was delicious (very close to Melrose Place Guesthouse) and an excellent choice too.