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So many books, so little time

Frank Zappa said: “So many books, so little time”. A house is not a home without at least one bookcase full of books. And, a trip abroad is not a trip without at least one book being bought. Here in Jozi, we have enough diverse bookstores to keep locals and visiting foreigners happy until the end of…
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It’s hip to feel cool at 1 Fox Precinct

I have heard before of the fashionable restaurants, brewery and food market that nestle together at 1 Fox Precinct , but did not realise that this is such a seriously up-and-coming cool cultural space in Jozi central, until I recently graced the place with my presence. On entering the area, one sees the Urbanologi restaurant…
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The coffee scene in Johannesburg

The coffee scene in Jozi changes fairly often and we know how important it is to keep up with good coffee. As a visitor to our city, one of the nicest things is finding a coffee shop that you love and keep going back to. So, here is a list of our favourites, where we…
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