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Orange Babies

  Orange Babies is an NGO foundation that was established to help pregnant women, their babies and children, all affected by HIV. Orange Babies offers information programs and medical care, and builds orphanages, maternity clinics and shelters for these women and children. Fundraising is a huge part of Orange Babies and one of the ways they fundraise…
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702 Walk the Talk

The 702 Walk the Talk is always the most fabulous day in Johannesburg. Fifty thousand walkers, with or without their dogs and babies, take to the streets for a day of fun, community, amazing spirit and pride. There is a 5 km, 8 km and 15 km walk, and it’s about people coming together and…
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7am on 7th

Morning Mammie. Morning Madam. Good morning Gogo. Hey, G’morning, I say, to each person who wanders by me. It’s early on a Sunday. There are few people on the streets. It’s chilly but the sun is shining, the magnolias are in bloom and the air smells like lavender. I turn the corner and walk past…
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