MotMot’s unique Strawberry Thief chair

If you are a visitor to Johannesburg and looking for gifts to take home with you, or even just something special to spoil yourself with, go to MOTMOT. It is the most divine specialist shop in Parkhurst and I am a little bit in love with it.

The owner, George Nowosenetz, is always in the store and is the nicest, friendliest most no-pressure kind of guy. He’ll offer you a cup of tea while you browse, or a delicious cupcake if they’re in store, but then he’ll leave you to look, enjoy and MARVEL at their stuff.

And marvel you will.

They have beautiful homeware, designer gifts, luxury items, Scandinavian glassware, rubber ducks (yip, the most fabulous range) hand picked items from France and the most creative and fabulous South African ceramics and art.

There are presents for kids, hand stitched cuddly toys, wire poodles, glass penguins, coffee cups, fabric, light fittings, trinkets and all kinds of knickknacks.

You can buy a present for R 50, a coffee cup for R 100, a vase for R 300 or a chair for R 20 thousand!

Their chairs are unbelievable. They have their own range, Strawberry Thief, and while you won’t find it very easy to take a chair home with you, you may well be tempted. And of course they’ll help organise transport if you do order a couple. The chairs are contemporary and UNIQUELY covered and seriously, I’ve never seen anything like them. Exquisite flowers paired with stripes paired with animals paired with anything quirky and stylish, different textures, extraordinary colours and well – it’s worth going to the shop just to sit in one!

MotMot is at 44 Eleventh Street in Parkhurst and is the shop with the candy-striped door. It’s close to Little Forest Guest House which is on Fifth Street, but actually you can reach MotMot super easily from any of our Johannesburg Guesthouses.

Little Forest-72

Relax on the patio at Little Forest Guest House

Make it into an outing. Have coffee at Vovo Telo, shop at MotMot, look at dresses at Egality and Desray, have your nails done at Sorbet, wander around the art galleries, people watch and dog watch. Parkhurst is a fantastic suburb, MotMot is a fabulous shop.

Tel: 011 447 2595 GeorgeNowosenetz