The Kitchen on the 4th Floor


DSC_1932I’m trying not to get crumbs on my keyboard as I type but it’s impossible. I’m eating Faith Rubin’s fantastic chocolate chip cookies and somebody please send help because I can’t stop!

Faith is a bit of a Jozi institution. She’s a well known baker, ice-cream maker, amazing cook, funky dresser, entrepreneur, feminist, ardent recycler, woman of great taste, clever, intuitive and someone who takes the gap.

We all know Faith’s cookies, desserts and ice-cream, even if we think we don’t. They go under the labels Almelba, FROZEN ASSiETteS and Choc Tac Tics (clever word play here) and can be found in most Jozi restaurants, delis and food emporia. And even in some of our Johannesburg Guesthouses!

She makes and sells cordials under the name Press Gang- grapefruit and ginger, plum and rose, orange and lemon and lemongrass and spices – made from pressed fruit and oh my gosh they are refreshing and delicious.

Faith’s latest venture is The Kitchen on the 4th Floor. This is an amazing space in New Doornfontein, a really old part of town but a really new part of town for the hip and creative. Faith has her bakery here, Dishes Creative Food, where she and her team bake and cook and prepare the yummy snacks and meals for events at The Kitchen.

The Kitchen on the 4th Floor is smallish but seriously gorgeous. The view of Johannesburg is outstanding and evening events are divine because of the sunset, view and of course, food and ambience. Faith has a history in fashion (which is why she has such style) and any event – workshop, book launch, 21st birthday party, book club, corporate event – is divine! She can do from ten people to a hundred and something quite easily.

Faith has been baking and creating for 23 years! So she’s good at her stuff, she knows what she is doing. I don’t know how we got on to recycling but she has also been recycling for 23 years. NOTHING to waste in her kitchen. Ends of spring onion gets dried out and used in stock, the husk of mielies goes in the corn chowder for flavour, the look in her eyes when you tell her you don’t recycle is funny! She would get on very well with Pam at Amanzi Guest House!

She’s creative, wears the best eyeliner I have ever seen and is happy to take on your event, whether it be corporate or private. Faith is also currently talking to the owners of Joburg Places to add the area on to their walking tours. There is a real history here and a lunch or tea at her kitchen is the perfect stopover.

You can email Faith Rubin at or call her on 084 804 0251.
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And check her out on LinkedIn – she has a fab profile. Faith Rubin.