Katy’s Palace and Amatuli Artefacts


Kramerville, home to Katy’s Palace Bar and Amatuli Artefacts

Katy’s Palace is the most fabulous surprise. It’s a seriously unique venue, set on a rooftop in Kramerville with exquisite views of Sandton, and it really is a palace!

The space is magical with furnishings that are eclectic to say the least. Gorgeous sink in couches, Moroccan lights, a magnificent bar, old time charm, a piano, and an outside and an upstairs area.

Katy’s is only open to the public on the first Sunday of every month, for lunch. (From 10 am to 8 pm, so it is more than just lunch!) Otherwise it is a venue for hire – perfect for a special party, a wedding, special celebration or corporate function.

I was there for a fiftieth birthday party and my gosh, it was truly magnificent. Romantic and funky at the same time, whimsical and really stylish.

The food was amazing, and the James Van der Merwe bar is mirrored and decadent and very very sexy. So, if it’s a party, you can hang out at the bar, dance the night away, sit in one of the cosy couches and chat, or enjoy the outdoor moonlight and Sandton views with a champagne glass in hand.


Sir James van der Merwe Bar at Katy’s Palace

And if it’s not a party, well, the bar is open to the public every Wednesday evening from 4 pm. It’s apparently a super popular bar for workers and business people in the area, and I am pretty sure people come from all over town for a drink. Or two.

Kramerville is literally ten minutes away from our Johannesburg Guesthouses on the highway, and of course you can use Uber. We would suggest you go on a Wednesday and combine it with a visit to Amatuli Artefacts, part of the same building, and owned by the same people.

Amatuli is perfect for the African art collector. Sculpture, statues, furnishings and beadwork – work sourced from all over Africa. It’s a collector’s dream and Amatuli is the place where you will find those astonishing Tonga stools, Yoruba chairs, Kuba cloths, Makenge baskets or Dogon shields. They also have a range of wallpaper and fabric that is uniquely African and divine.

So. Think about Katy’s if you’re planning a celebration. And otherwise go for Sunday lunch or Wednesday cocktails, and enjoy the beautiful views and ambience. It really is a treat.