7am on 7th


New restaurant on the block, Bread & Roses

Morning Mammie. Morning Madam. Good morning Gogo.

Hey, G’morning, I say, to each person who wanders by me.

It’s early on a Sunday. There are few people on the streets. It’s chilly but the sun is shining, the magnolias are in bloom and the air smells like lavender.

I turn the corner and walk past Nuno’s, one of my local hang outs. The waitresses are outside, waiting for the owner to open up.

Hey, good morning, Enjoy your coffee.

I wave, I shout from the other side of the road, I say good morning too. And I continue on my walk to De La Creme, to fetch a coffee.

It’s a morning ritual. I’ve been known to do it in my pyjamas.

But I do wear nice pyjamas.

I see the old man dressed in blue. He’s the shouter of the neighbourhood. A little unbalanced. But good and kind at heart. He wanders the streets day and night.

And there he is, like clockwork, sweeping 7th Street. He sweeps, every morning, starting at 7 am. The shop owners pay him collectively.

I carry on.

G’morning, hi, have a great day.

There’s the homeless Ethiopian man. He sits in the doorway of a charity shop. It may be where he sleeps too. The walls of the shop are pink. Today he’s wearing a pink shirt.

The neighbourhood look after him. And the charity shop, Junkies, is divine, amazing second hand treasures.

I wish I’d bought my camera. There’s a young woman leaning out a window. She’s wearing a magnificent brightly coloured African headdress. And there’s another woman coming out a doorway. She’s opening up Bread and Roses, a corner bistro, her dreadlocks flying in the wind.

It’s picture perfect.

I get my coffee. Resist the croissants. Have a chat with one of the locals. He buys six fresh out- the-oven almond croissants.

What the hell, I may as well buy one. Oh, two. And a baguette.

I walk home, sipping my coffee. I admire the gorgeous clothing through the window of the vintage shop, The Stuff We Love. I’m going to come back and try on that little black dress.

A neighbour stops and gives me a few avocados off her tree. They’re fat and ripe. I promise to drop granadillas off at her later.

The streets are getting busier now. Cyclists, joggers and a few early morning moms with their babes. The newspaper sellers are out and the car guards have taken up position.

I get back home to do a bit of work. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful, it’s lovely. I know I’ll walk up again in the evening. A cocktail at Hell’s Kitchen. Perhaps dinner at Poppy’s.


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