Yda Walt

Who is Yda Walt?

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for friends, with a fabulous South African and ‘arty’ flavour, then Yda Walt is the person to get hold of. Yda, who is based in Johannesburg, is one of our most creative and talented contemporary artists. She has a range of hand made goods that include hand painted ceramic plates or mugs, hand stitched cushion covers, screen printed tablecloths, hand stitched handbags and pouches, art prints on paper and screens and larger artworks featuring screen prints, felt and embroidery.

Yda Walt Pouch

Ydas artworks

Yda works with and features South African images on all her products. These include but are not limited to – local women carrying bags of potatoes on their heads, basket-sellers, a newspaper seller, Nelson Mandela or the Nelson Mandela bridge and various market scenes from Johannesburg. One of her more popular ranges have been aprons and pouches embroidered with African proverbs. She has recently also done a range with some exquisite birds, featured on all of the above, as well as the most exquisite lamp shades.

Yda Walt Commissioned Piece

You can also buy an entire crockery set if you’re not travelling too far. And if you are travelling far, then Yda’s team, or even your Johannesburg Guest House owner, can assist with delivery options.

Yda Walt Art

Where does Yda work?

Yda works with a small group of amazing artists that she has trained, producing her hand screen printed products from the studio in Auckland Park. She studied in London and now South Africa is super lucky to have her. You can shop online, see the link below, or arrange a private visit to her studio.

Yda is close to Melville where we have the very gorgeous Melville Manor.  Melville Manor is literally a two minute drive from Yda, making it easy for guests to do a studio visit. Alternatively, give Yda a phone call – or – look out for her work in some of our top stores. Art Africa in Parkview sell her aprons and a few other goodies (we have several guesthouses in Parkview) as well Kim Sacks Gallery and all the major airport stores stock her work.

Yda Walt Art Collection

Where is Kovno?

On a different note, Yda has also been working on a ten year project on Lithuania and the Holocaust, entitled ‘Where is Kovno’.   This work will hopefully be featured at the new Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre. Watch this space, we’ll keep you posted.

Yda – 082 530 2925

Yda Walt Johannesburg Art