What can we do for Dad?


We gave you a ton of suggestions for Mother’s Day, so it’s only fair that we tell you what you can do on Father’s Day.

First – give Dad the television! Tell him it’s okay if he watches sport 24/7, that you don’t mind, and you’ll even bring him his snacks, drinks and rub his feet while he relaxes.

But get sneaky during halftime.  Suggest a quick lunch at The Sunnyside Park Hotel.  They’re having a Father’s Day braai on the deck, with all the meat you can imagine.  There are two bonuses – Dad gets a surprise gift, and there’s a television in the lounge. He doesn’t have to miss the footy, and you can enjoy their gardens and sunshine.

Pack your camping gear and spend the night at The Johannesburg Zoo. The kids will set up the tent, make your stretcher warm and toasty, help with the fire and roast the marshmallows.  Listen to the roar of lions as you drift off to sleep. It’s a great idea and selfishly, Mom might want to stay behind for this one, ensuring quality time for Dad and the kids.

A massage? A facial? A wax? This may be a real surprise for Dad, but it could turn into something he’ll want to do on a regular basis.  Book now at Camelot Spa, and after Dad’s treatment, relax on the rooftop or enjoy lunch in their healthy cafe.  Dad might want to leave the wax and book a ‘couples treatment’ instead, but hey, let him make the choice!  Hands on Retreat and Clico Boutique Hotel are also treating Dads on Father’s Day, so check out their sites to see all the specials.

Don’t forget too, to buy Dad fabulous gifts.  A new shirt, a winter sweater, a nice beanie (Cape Union Mart have a great selection, as do Stuttafords), but he would also appreciate the perfume that you wear, chocolates that you both love, or an overseas ticket! Ask your local Travel Agent about those business class Air France specials, pay for one, buy two.

Tickets for the Fifa 2014 World Cup? This is probably the best idea ever.  Imagine watching the boys from Spain or Uruguay, they’re mostly gorgeous and exceptionally talented.  There’s great shopping in Brazil too, you can laze on Copacabana beach, wear your new bikini and explore the markets.   You may or may not find match tickets, but hey, hello South America.

Of course you could go to the movies for that fantastic chick-flick you’ve been dying to see, buy beautiful books at Love Books or eat noodles at The Great Eastern Food Bar.  Whatever you do, do it together.

And then, don’t forget it’s Father’s Day this Sunday, the 15th of June.

What on earth can we do for Dad?