Three reasons why guesthouses are your best option: Position, Personality, Price

When travelling, be it for pleasure or business, people often book hotels without thinking. They book the branded hotel name because it’s easy – Tsogo Sun, City Lodge or Hilton –  but not necessarily because it is best for their needs.

By best we don’t mean the most luxurious, the most extraordinary or the most flashy.

At Johannesburg Guesthouses we define ‘best’ by three things:

Position. Personality. Price.

Position. This is hugely important. You want to be in an area that is close to where you need to be, has good access to public transport and easy access to restaurants, shops and of course, your meetings. You want to be somewhere where it is easy or safe to walk, enjoy your morning jog and perhaps go to the nearby gym.

All of our guesthouses are in excellent positions in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, offering all of the above. We are close to the Rosebank, Sandton and Hyde Park malls, close to the Gautrain and have fabulous restaurants on our doorsteps.

Our guesthouses, such as Waverley Guest House, are all in quiet suburbs, offering peace and tranquility.

Personality.  It’s fantastic when your guesthouse owner knows your name. We make it our business to know what you like to drink in the morning, and if you’re gluten intolerant. Our guesthouses are all owner run or managed – attention to detail is top of the agenda. We are bench-marked according to the standards of the National Accommodation of South Africa (NAA-SA) and belong to the Rosebank Region Accommodation Association. Many of our guesthouses are star graded by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa and are ranked in TripAdvisor’s Top 10 Johannesburg Inns and B&Bs. You can be assured of excellent accommodation in professionally run establishments.

We will remember what time you need to be up in the morning, remember that you loved the oatmeal muffins during your last stay, and we always have a smile on our faces. This is a lot more personal than a hotel concierge handing you a map and waving you on your way.

Some of our guest houses can accommodate families, honeymooners and even pets! Most have swimming pools.

Does one need more proof of personality than Lewis the cat, succulents and solar lights sucking up the sun at Liz at Lancaster in Craighall Park.

Price. Compare the price of a guesthouse to that of a hotel. Hotels in Johannesburg can be very expensive, and especially if you’re on a business trip, it’s just a place to sleep. Staying in a guesthouse gives you more money to spend on dining out or shopping at one of Johannesburg’s trendy shops.

Remember that when booking with us, there is no commission fee, no third party intermediary and you have direct and immediate contact with the establishment owner.

A TripAdvisor review of B&B on Buckingham in Craighall Park: “You make me want to stay forever! Thank you for being so kind, caring and understanding and open to me. You made me feel at home. I was telling everyone at the conference I was attending how motivational you are… Thank you so much for letting me have the opportunity to tour as well.”

 And of course, all of our guesthouses have Wi-Fi.

There is a definite trend for people to choose personal. Our establishmnets are exactly that. We will look after you. We won’t rip you off.

You will want to come back for a second or a third visit.