The new Rosebank Mall


The new Rosebank Mall

It’s a magnificent day and I’m almost embarrassed to say that I’m in The Rosebank Mall.  Instead of lazing in the sun and enjoying a picnic I’m in the queue at the Woolworths Cafe and the wait is not going to be short!

But – and I never thought I would say this – it’s fantastic here. This new Rosebank Mall has absolutely everything one could possibly want – food, fashion, decor, movies, books, health, art and music.

It’s a little hard navigating my way around, mostly because I’m used to the old layout, but I’m getting the hang of it and I managed to find the most fabulous specialist tea shop, The Peacock Gourmet Coffee & Exotic Tea Shop. What a delight, with its little china tea cups and very distinct Laphong Tudo tea, a tea that all tea connoisseurs will know.

The Exclusive Books here has been designed by architects Les Carstens and Silvio Rech and it really is cutting edge with a fantastic coffee shop and lots of sink-in chairs where you can just hang out and read magazines.

There are two different movie houses, art movies at Cinema Nouveau, and also Ster Kinekor in the Rosebank Zone. If you walk outside the Mall you get to a whole lot of good outdoor restaurants and cafes – Tashas would be my new favorite – and then you get to The Zone, more stores and more movies. The Rosebank Craft Market is between the two, filled with African art and curios, a perfect place for overseas tourists to find gifts.


Visit the Rosebank Craft Market for wonderful curio finds

So, I’m sorry I’m not having a picnic. But there is so much going on here, and I can’t stop shopping. I’ve bought designer shoes from Dune and an entire winter wardrobe for my kids at Mr Price. Now it’s time for lunch and a movie, and then maybe one more wander around the market before going home.

The Rosebank Mall is close to all our Johannesburg Guesthouses. It’s open every day, you’ll find anything you want, and you know, you can always be outdoors another time. Have fun!