Ten reasons why you should work in a coffee shop.

Coffee.  Coffee.  Coffee.

Coffee.  Cupcakes.  Couches. Sunbeams. Company. Wi-Fi. Coffee. Coffee.  Coffee. Coffee. 

As I type this I am sitting at Scusi Bistro in Parkview. The beautiful Laurie Levine is playing in the background, the Johannesburg themed photography is inspiring, the apple pie is delicious, and the complimentary Wi-Fi is the cherry on top.

It’s a real Johannesburg trend, working in coffee shops.  Scusi is my ‘office’, and in winter I love sitting in the back section by the fireplace, but there are many coffee shops to choose from, all close to our Johannesburg Guest Houses.

Here are some of our favorites.

Croft and Co – just two doors away from Scusi.  Owner run and managed, with two magnificent Nelson Makona murals on the wall, one long communal workspace, lots of smaller tables, and a teeny courtyard area. Croft has a crazy breakfast rush, which I often compare to the Hunger Games.  If you want a spot you have to be ruthless, but if you arrive mid-morning, no problems!

Motherland in Dunkeld – I go here for the smell.  Organic coffee beans, and oh my, it is divine.  There’s a long bar counter where you can plug in, gorgeous leather couches, and it’s counter style service, so quick and hassle free.  Motherland have their own range of merchandise – coffee cups, t-shirts, sweaters – so quite good for multi tasking too. A good mix of business people and school lift mums.

Warm & Glad in Craighall Park – this is fantastic.  I never do as much work as I intend, as their vinyl collection distracts me, as does the boutique next door, their shoes and their wonderful books. Other people seem to focus though! If you’re staying in the area, this is the place to be.  It attracts an interesting crowd, their food is fantastic, WI-FI unlimited, and is run by bright, young entrepreneurs.

The IT Corner in Melville is Joburg’s most cosmopolitan meeting place. You can hear different accents and many languages spoken, either from the nearby Guest House visitors or from the backpackers or NGO’s in the area.  They have daily lunch specials, aromatic Moroccan Mint Tea, excellent prices, and also offer IT help and back up.  I like it.

The Bean Republic – this one is for the coffee connoisseurs.  It’s in the Melrose area; so cozy you may never want to leave. It’s quite a revolutionary little café, and they have an excellent ‘business card networking’ plan, so pay them a visit, especially if you want to meet new people and get inspired. Best sandwiches too.

All the above are close to our Guest Houses in Johannesburg, and the staff will direct you to the one of your choice.  Alternatively, order a cappuccino, ask for the Wi-Fi password, and relax in your own cosy guest house lounge! Cheers.