Jozi Parkruns. (dogs optional)

Scarlet, our resident Johannesburg guest house dog

Scarlet, our resident Johannesburg guest house dog

Our resident Johannesburg guest house dog, pictured above, is a runner. She used to hang out at Emmarentia Dam, Zoo Lake, and Melville Koppies, but since discovering Parkruns, she’s had a personality change.

Parkruns are worldwide events.  They’re 5 km timed runs or walks, and are weekly, always in gorgeous city parks.  They’re free of charge, open to anyone – kids, dogs, babes in strollers – and are fun, healthy and non competitive.

Tell that to our dog, who insists on leading the pack!

Delta Park has become Scarlet’s park of choice and nothing will get in the way of her Saturday morning event. She leaps in the car for the five minute drive to the Delta, picks up her doggy biscuits on the way (they get handed out), and at 8.00 am we’re off…

If you’re a Johannesburg resident, or visitor, nothing should get in the way of your Parkrun either. There are two in Johannesburg – at Delta Park and in Bryanston – and they’re an amazing way to see the city from a totally different viewpoint, and to feel the vibe of a community.

The beauty of the runs is that they start early, 8.00 am, and so you still have the whole Saturday ahead of you to relax, pick up a coffee, read the paper and chill.  Have a look at the website,, choose your city and park and register only once.  And that is a good thing too, as long as you have registered at some point, you never need to register again. Once a Parkrunner, always a Parkrunner.

Take some water for you and your dog, a hat, sunblock, and a picnic blanket so afterwards you can laze under the trees and read the paper.  A really beautiful way to spend a Jo’burg Saturday morning.

And remember, it’s not a race.

Go, Scarlet, Go!