Johannesburg Guest Houses – right on the doorstep of top medical facilities.

Medical blog imagesVisitors to Johannesburg looking for a place to stay will either go the large hotel route, or the personal guest house route.  If you are reading this, chances are you’re already thinking about guest houses in Johannesburg.  You’ll be scrolling through all our options, looking at all the different suburbs, and your choice will probably be governed by personal preference (what leaps out at you – the furnishing, the food, the fabulousness), as well as the position and the price.

Position is often the most important thing.  If you are on business, you want to be close to your place of work.  If you’re on holiday, you want to be close to the shops and restaurants, and within easy walking distance, or driving distance, of the museums, galleries and main sightseeing attractions of Johannesburg.

But something else to consider, something very important, is proximity to Johannesburg’s medical facilities. We’ve all been on a holiday, or on a business trip, when we’ve come down with a fever.  If that happens, while you are in Johannesburg, you can rest assured that if you are staying at any one of our Johannesburg Guest Houses, you will be well positioned to receive excellent medical care.   Each of our properties is close to one, or more, of Johannesburg’s private hospitals.  The Rosebank Clinic, Milpark Hospital, the Donald Gordon Medical Centre, Linksfield Clinic , Morningside or Sandton Clinics – are all world renowned for their health care and are all Private.  You will be well looked after!

Of course, you may land up in one of Johannesburg’s hospitals by choice.  More and more people are choosing to come to South Africa for a bit of ‘Surgery and Safari.’  If you have had a small nip and tuck, then a small, cosy guest house in Johanesburg is the perfect private place to recuperate.  If you’ve come for dental care – it’s easy for the staff to arrange soft foods and a special diet.  You can have all the privacy you need while your bruises go down, or before your stitches come out.   Or of course, while you recover from that emergency appendectomy or awful because-I-worked-too-hard migraine.

Our Johannesburg Guest Houses will look after you before, during and after.  We think more and more people are ‘going small’ because small is personal.  And personal means going that extra mile. Personal means being able to get that extra blanket without being kept waiting, being surprised at the hot water bottle at the bottom of your bed, or having a constant supply of the ginger herbal tea that makes you feel so much better.  Small means having somebody help you adjust your cushions, fluff out your duvet, and make you as cosy and comfortable as possible.

Personal also means arranging transport to and from the hospital, and not just for you, but for your visitors too.  Visitors who can stay in the room next door, cottage or chalet, close to you, if you need that extra little bit of love and attention.

Saying all of this, we hope you do not get sick! We hope you choose our accommodation mainly because we are close to Museum Africa or Constitution Hill, because the Goodman Gallery is on our doorstep, or because of that wonderful bakery down the road with the best home made croissants in the world.  We hope you choose us because our staff are wonderful, we are well located, our prices are comparable, and because Johannesburg Guest Houses are the way to go.

So – have a marvellous stay in Johannesburg. Don’t get sick.  But if you do, we can help!