Jozi Outdoor Gyms


Metro Park - a welcome green space in the inner city

Metro Park – a welcome green space in the inner city

We’re a bunch of snobs in Jozi. We love having personal trainers come to our homes, we join trendy upmarket yoga classes that we never go to more than once and we spend small fortunes at the gym.

But there’s an option and it is an amazing one. Outdoor gyms! They’re springing up all around our public parks in Johannesburg, they’re free and they are fantastic. City Parks are behind the initiative and the thinking is to bring affordable exercise to communities and to promote a healthy way of life.

I love these gyms. I love driving past (maybe that is my first mistake) and seeing all kinds of people use the equipment – women, men, young, old, employed, homeless, fit, fat, white, black and often, people who have never used an exercise machine before. It’s wonderful – it builds communities and is a great bridging tool to talk to and get to know people in your neighborhood.

The parks close to our Johannesburg Guesthouses that have public gyms include:-

George Hay Park, Parkview

The Zoo Lake, Forest Town

Mushroom Farm Park, Sandton

Sir Lionel Phillips Park, Greenside. (Pirates Club)

Ethel Gray Park, Melrose


Mushroom Farm Park – a green hideaway in Sandton’s CBD

There are parks too in Soweto and Diepsloot and in fact the very first of these parks was built in Soweto. The latest park is in the new Metro Park in Newtown and the venture has been so succesful that City Parks have many more in the pipeline.

Each park has an instruction board that shows people how to use the machines, and most importantly there is always in instructor on hand during the first few opening days.

So. I’m putting on my tackies. I’m going to cancel my gym membership that I never use but pay a small fortune for, I’m going to walk to my local park and I’m going to gym. See ya…