How to choose a Guesthouse

It’s 2015 and a lot of you already have your annual travel planners out. Flights are being booked and you’re busy with the hotel and car hire bookings.

But wait! Stop! Think!

It may be time for a change.

Very often people book hotels without thinking. They book the branded hotel name because it’s easy (Southern Sun, City Lodge, Hilton), but not necessarily because it is best for their needs.

And by best we don’t mean the most luxurious, the most extraordinary or the most flashy.

We, at Johannesburg Guesthouses, define ‘best’ by three things.

Position. Personality. Price.

Position is hugely important. You want to be in an area that is close to where you need to be, has good access to public transport (The Gautrain) and easy access to restaurants, shops and of course, your meetings. You want to be somewhere where it is easy or safe to walk, enjoy your morning jog and perhaps go to the nearby gym.

All our Guesthouses are in excellent positions in the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg, offering all of the above. We’re close to the Rosebank or Sandton Malls, close to the Gautrain, have fabulous restaurants on our doorsteps, and are in quiet secluded suburbs, offering peace and tranquility too.

Personality.  It’s fantastic when your Guesthouse owner knows your name. And knows what kind of bed you prefer, what you like to drink in the morning, and if you’re gluten intolerant or doing the Tim Noakes diet. Our Guesthouses are all owner run or managed, and attention to detail is extraordinary. We never overstep the mark – you will always be the client / guest – but we’re personal. We’ll greet you by name, remember what time you need to be up in the morning, remember that you loved the oatmeal muffins during your last stay, and we’ll always have a smile on our faces.

Your Guesthouse owner will even share the recipe of the oatmeal muffins, and be able to give extra personal attention, recommending favourite restaurants, shops and sharing with you their best kept secrets. It’s a lot more personal than a hotel Concierge handing you a map and waving you on your way.

Price – you just need to compare the price of a Guesthouse to that of a hotel. Hotels in Johannesburg can be exorbitant, and especially if you’re on a business trip, it’s just a place to sleep. Staying in a Guesthouse gives you more money to spend on dining out, for presents for your partner, or for that new pair of shoes in the lovely little nearby boutique!

Value for money comes into it too. Our rooms or suites may not be as huge or glitzy as a five star hotel, but they will always have the comfiest of beds, the cosiest of sofas, and all the amenities you may need – shampoo, body lotion, a shower cap, hair-dryer, umbrella for those rainy days and these days, a flashlight too!

And of course, all Johannesburg Guesthouses have wi-fi.

There is a definite trend for people to choose small. And personal. Our Johannesburg Guesthouses are exactly that. We’ll look after you. We won’t rip you off. You’ll come back for a second or a third visit.

Give us a try!