Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer at the Sheds.  Photos courtesy of @1Fox, The Sheds

Amanda Palmer at The Sheds. Photos courtesy of @1Fox, The Sheds

I wasn’t sure how many South Africans had heard of Amanda Palmer, but I’ve been following her career for the last fifteen years. She started off in London as a street performer, went on to become the lead singer for The Dresden Dolls, and today is a solo performer, a true artiste, a powerful singer, songwriter, musician, and a feminist. She’s a very strong voice for women.

I heard, via Twitter, that Amanda was going to be performing at The Sheds in Johannesburg. The concert was free, it was a last minute event (which is how Amanda does all her events) and I knew immediately I had to be there.

Tickets were on a first come first serve basis. Hype started building up, mostly via social media (the power of social media!!), and I got a few friends together (they humoured me) and we joined the queue at 12 pm . The concert was starting at 7 pm.

Only 1200 people could get access to the concert, word had spread quickly and there were a lot of people! Mostly young and hip, but also a lot of older women, strong women, feminist women! The queue grew quickly.

And what a fun queue it was! The Sheds had arranged street musicians to keep the crowds entertained, there was plenty of water, and the Mother Truckers were out in force, selling their delicious and exotic food.

It was a party before the party! We got our orange arm bands (yay), and at 4 pm were inside. The show was taking place at The Good Luck Bar, and if you haven’t been here, you’re missing out. The Good Luck Bar is the lower part of The Sheds, a large contemporary space, just perfect for intimate concerts or parties. !

Amanda was not late! She came on stage and enthralled for two hours . And guess what! People knew the words to her songs. She is one of those artists who connect with her audience. We took pictures of her and she took pictures of us! She raved about Joburg, what she had seen, and what she saw in front of her – an amazing community!!

And her music was fantastic. It was streamed live on youtube and you can watch the link here.!

Johannesburg can be proud. The Sheds pulled off the most extraordinary concert. They handled the 1200 plus people brilliantly, as well as the Critical Mass Cyclists who arrived midway! The venue has become the stop off venue for these night riders, and it was pretty funny seeing them walk in and through in their muddy socks and helmets! Cyclists, you know!

They bopped along, we bopped along, and it was just fabulous Thanks Amanda Palmer. And thank you Gerald Garner, for pulling off something special and amazing. I wonder who will be coming next.