The Blue Man Group


I’m trying very hard to contain my excitement because I’ve just booked tickets for The Blue Man Group and I cannot wait.   I first saw them in 1992, in New York, and honestly, I still talk about this astonishing show.

The Blue Man Group are unbelievable. They’re a combination of performance art, theatrical theatre, drama, hilarity, huge talent, music, singing, dancing and something almost impossible to describe.

When I saw them, there were four blue men. I was blown away by their creativity. It started off with the men, in silhouette, standing behind enormous canvasses, drumming. With each drumbeat paint splattered on the canvasses. And then the lights came up, the canvasses were turned around and – art. Insane, extraordinary contemporary and how-on-earth-did-they-do-that art.

And that was just one of so many different and creative things that they do. They work with pipes, Toblerone, toilet paper, telephones, Twinkies, anything odd, unusual and unconventional. In those days there was just one Blue Man Group, playing in a small theatre off Broadway in New York.   Since then they’ve played in over 15 countries and been seen by over 35 million people.

And of course they’ve made Broadway.


If you look at their website, The Blue Man Group is kind of a cult. There are people who go to five shows a year. And the Blue Men have stayed as creative, inspirational and brilliant as they were in the beginning. At the end of each show they’re in the foyer, with the audience, signing programmes, shaking blue hands and interacting. The actors are young, agile, energetic and I’m still laughing and shaking my head in amazement at what they did twenty years ago.

The Blue Man Group are going to be at The Teatro at Montecasino, between the 7th February and the 5th of March. Tickets are between R 450 and R 620 each which is a huge amount of money but I have to say this – DO IT. Book. Do not miss the Blue Man Group. It is something extraordinary, and honestly, from an art / theatre point of view, life-changing.

Montecasino is out in Fourways. Make a night of it. Go early and enjoy a burger at The Gourmet Garage or pizza at Col’Cacchio. There are tons of restaurants to choose from. And after the show, hang out in the piazza, get ice-cream and marvel at what you’ve just seen.

Your Johannesburg Guesthouse owner will help you book and arrange transport for you. Fourways is only about 20 minutes from our Guesthouses, not far and so much fun.

Book online through Big Concerts.