Sounds of Johannesburg

Right now I’m sitting in the garden in one of our Johannesburg Guesthouses and writing. The birds are tweeting, a dog is barking in the distance and I can hear the breeze blowing through the trees.

It got me thinking that all cities have a particular kind of soundtrack.

This is Johannesburg’s:-

Birdsong, where ever you are.
The call of the Hadeda.
Rolling booms of thunder during a storm.
Cracks of lightning.
The swish of a broom sweeping the pavement.
Vuvuzelas after a soccer match, sirens and helicopters.
Zulu, spoken loudly and confidently.
Hip hop music blasting from taxis.
The burr of a coffee machine.
The whoosh of an orange juicer.
People singing while they walk.
People singing while they work.
Children giggling.
Click clack of heels in a shopping mall.
The click click of nails on a computer.
Chatter in a coffee shop.
Dragonflies, in the distance.
An owl, hooting in the night.
The tinkle of ice in a Gin and Tonic.
White wine, splashing into a glass.
Contented sighs as the sun sets on another spectacular day.

And now, because it’s the start of a New Year, the calling out of ‘Compliments of the Season’ to people on the streets and in the coffee shops. The broom sellers are whistling, the birds are busy and the bees are buzzing, bringing in 2017.

Soon we’ll hear traffic again as the city gets back into work mode. It’s not a bad sound at all.

Happy New Year everyone!

May all your sounds be as beautiful as ours.



Love, your Johannesburg Guesthouses.