The spirit of South Africans

Cool kids unite against corruption

Cool kids unite against corruption

Yesterday, across South Africa, communities were marching to Unite Against Corruption. Protests were held in Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town and were not aimed at the Government but were non political and all about saying – NO MORE!

No more corruption, no more crime, no more lies.

People from all walks of life marched and were represented by churches, workplaces, mosques, unions, train stations, taxi ranks, small and big business and then of course, the ordinary every day South Africans.

The marches were organised by a collection of South African companies and civil society movements, the aim being to say we must not and can not tolerate corruption of any sort.

And boy, we South Africans were amazing! We have great spirit. We toyi-toyi, we sing, we dance, we make a huge noise, we get into the spirt of the protest and we make our voices heard.

A few of the Johannesburg Guesthouse owners marched in Pretoria. It was hot today, reaching 35 degrees, but we were well stocked with hats, sunblock and bottled water. The ice-cream sellers did a fantastic trade and I personally had three ice-lollies in the space of three hours.

The march started in Burgers Park – which is magnificent by the way – and ending at The Union Buildings, a distance of about 5 kms. It was peaceful, fun, hopefully meaningful, and also, rather pretty! Pretoria is worth a visit, especially now with the Jacarandas in bloom. We used the Gautrain to get to and from Pretoria and it was a real seamless and easy event.

We’re all at home now, nursing our sunburn and our sore feet. The sun is setting on another beautiful Gauteng evening, we live in a beautiful country and we’re always proud to be part of something positive and helpful.

Viva South Africa, Viva.