Science, Cocktails and Jazz

Last Tuesday night was a first for me. I sat in on a physics lecture given by Andrew Forbes, an applied laser physicist and scientist at Wits University.

It wasn’t just an ordinary lecture. If it was, I would never have been there! This was at The Orbit Jazz Club in Braamfontein, part of their monthly series – Science and Cocktails with Jazz.



This is such a clever initiative. It brings science to ordinary people, in the most accessible way, entertaining us at the same time.   The lectures are entertwined with creativity – music and art – and smoky, bubbling, delicious cocktails!

Cocktails by the way are alcoholic and non alcoholic. There were quite a few teens in the audience and many budding scientists. The Orbit was packed so these lectures have a huge following, academics, jazz lovers, people who want a good night out.

I spotted Liz Delmont from Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse in the audience and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s a regular visitor.

2015 is the UNESCO International Year of Light. I did not know that, but Andrew taught us all about it.  I am not sure that I understood all of it other than light technology is used in everything from our televisions to our smart phones to fibre optics, and is revolutionising everything!

And after the lecture, more cocktails (photron cocktails) and then jazz. Beautiful laid back radiant jazz from the Peter Sklair quintet.

Past concerts have included lectures on HIV vaccines, dung beetles and how they use the stars and moon to navigate (how about that??), and genetic ancestry. The next lexture will be on Climate Change.

Look at their website for a program calender. Bookings can be made on or 011 339 6645.