Valentine’s Day – Jewels


It’s Valentine’s Day and we think by this time you know where to buy flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals and all that kinda romantic stuff.

But do you know where to buy beautiful jewels?

And do you know that if you buy beautiful jewels for your partner you will feel forever madly deeply truly loved?

We are here to help your love life.

The Diamond Source are in Parktown. They have a fabulous website so you can go online and check out all the styles. Buy a pendant, cufflinks, a wedding band, beautiful earrings – they have a great range for men and women, offer excellent quick service, and hey – diamonds!

You’ll find Charles Greig Jewellers in the Hyde Park Shopping Centre. They’re classy. Super classy. Cartier, Rolex, Longines – an astonishing collection. Staff are highly professional, the whole experience is rather delicious and you will feel super special just trying things on. They have a branch at The Michelangelo Hotel too. As well as jewellery they stock Ardmore ceramics and astonishing bronze sculptures. Imagine if you give your wife one of each.

Orpheo Twins are also in the Hyde Park Centre and are super contemporary. I love their work. Together you can work on the designs, the owners are originally from Spain, twin brothers, and super creative. They always have the best window displays in Hyde Park, unusual work, outstanding stones and oh, I want something from here so badly.
Shop No One, first floor, Hyde Park.

In Rosebank Mall there is Read’s which is in fact where my wedding ring came from. They specialise in fine antique jewellery and silver. They opened in 1912 and have built up an extraordinary collection of old and magnificent. Read’s is a beautiful shopping experience with staff who know exactly what they are selling. It’s in the heart of Rosebank, surrounded by cake and coffee and restaurants and boutiques, so you can make a whole day out of this one. Maybe take your partner out for Valentine’s breakfast and then, surprise her (or him) by just quickly popping in for a small ring!

In Sandton City you will find plenty! It’s hard to choose but Shimansky’s has a nice range, unparalleled quality and offer an all in one sensory experience. Handcrafted rings, tanzanite and diamonds, you can make an appointment or just wander in (not really, because super security). Very popular amongst tourists and locals alike.

If you’re looking for something lighter – not so expensive is what I mean – try Tinsel. Tinsel is a contemporary jewellery shop selling precious, handmade designs, all South African and beautiful. Seriously beautiful. Tinsel is in Linden, in a gorgeous space, where you can actually watch the jewellers at work.  Shop and enjoy a great meal at The Whippet or The Fat Zebra nearby.  Tinsel – 011 782 4051

And of course, our Johannesburg Guesthouses will direct you to the stores, make appointments if necessary and organise transport for you.