702 Walk the Talk

The 702 Walk the Talk is always the most fabulous day in Johannesburg. Fifty thousand walkers, with or without their dogs and babies, take to the streets for a day of fun, community, amazing spirit and pride. There is a 5 km, 8 km and 15 km walk, and it’s about people coming together and building an amazing Jozi spirit. But what else is it all about?


Charity and awareness.

Each person, when entering, is asked what they are walking for. It could be a generic answer, like health, fitness, fun, or – it could be an actual cause.

There were tons of people this year walking for the South African National Blood Service, bringing awareness to the need for blood donors. Others walked for The Organ Donor Foundation, some chose specific orphanages or NGO’s, some for animals and the SPCA, and others for their own small charities for which they want to bring awareness or raise funds.


The Radio 702 presenters all spoke about their causes in advance, asking people to join in. Here are just a few of them:-

John Robbie and Redi Tlhabi – they walked to celebrate African diversity, bringing awareness to xenophobia.

Stephen Grootes walked for cycle lanes in the city and asked people to walk in bike helmets instead of hats. I must say, I saw quite a few people wearing helmets and I for one, cannot wait for more cycle lines in the city.

Sam Cowan walked for breast cancer awareness and teamed up with Pink Drive, asking walkers to wear anything pink to show support in beating the disease.


Xolani Gwala walked for mentorship, asking people to wear a headband if they supported his cause. I wore a headband! I’m all for having good mentors for our children and for children to know they have someone, anyone to lean on.

We saw a few people walking for the Orlando Children’s Home in Soweto, as well as for Lefika La Phodiso here in Parktown. Two astonishing organisations that look after and care for those who have no-one else.

So, again, what is it all about? Fun. Awareness. Community. After a day like Sunday I have no doubt that many people have signed up as blood donors or organ donors, are more aware about Johannesburg city building cycle lanes, are in awe of the good deeds being done by many, and well – again – aware of what a fabulous city Johannesburg is.

As always, some of our Johannesburg Guesthouse owners participated, and several of our guests as well. They all had a ball, are strong, fit, healthy and inspired!

Same time next year?

Of course!