Tuk Tuks in Jozi


I climbed in with a little trepidation. I’ve taken tuk tuks in India, but never in South Africa, and although I’ve often seen them around I had somehow just never plucked up the courage to call one.

Silly. Because these little three wheeled vehicles are amazing. They’re bright and colourful, the drivers are charming, and they are, most importantly, safe and reliable.

E-tuktuks was the first Johannesburg operation. They started off in the Melville area and have since spread all around the suburbs and as far afield as Pretoria. They’re not the mode of transport you’re going to use if you’re going far but for a trip from your Johannesburg Guesthouse to the shopping mall, to a market or for a door to door coffee date, they’re perfect.

They’re eco-friendly, fuel efficient and green, and have very strict operating rules.   And they’re really cheap. Definitely less expensive than Uber or any of our private taxis, and they are tons of fun. My driver took me from Parkview to Maboneng and gave me the lowdown on which restaurants to eat and where the ‘older’ people go. Excuse me, tuk-tuk driver!!!

Tuk Tuks may not go out of their area, cannot go over a certain speed and are highly regulated, putting the safety of the passengers first. E-tuktuks have a very clear yellow and black logo, easy for identification and easy therefore not to climb into the wrong one. Their head office is outside Picobella Restaurant in Melville, close to our Melville Manor Guest House, and their guests make use of them all the time.

There is a tuk tuk service in Sandton too, a new service, Shesha Tuks. They work well with e-TukTuk, and neither encroaches on the other area. So if you’re in the Sandton area, Shesha are the guys to use, although I must admit we haven’t tried their service yet.

Look at the websites.

e-tuktuk. http://www.e-tuktuk.co.za Tel: 072 316 8099.

Shesha Tuktuks. www.sheshatuks.co.za Tel: 0861 743 742.