The coffee scene in Johannesburg


The coffee scene in Jozi changes fairly often and we know how important it is to keep up with good coffee. As a visitor to our city, one of the nicest things is finding a coffee shop that you love and keep going back to. So, here is a list of our favourites, where we know you’ll get a great cup and have a good time.

Father Coffee

The original Father Coffee is in Braamfontein, the hip / student /design / art area. Now there is a Father Coffee in Rosebank as well. They are roasters and supply many of the coffee shops in and around Jozi . The coffee is world class. Excellent Baristas, great vibe, Wi-fi, communal tables, private areas and fab chairs to sink into.

They’re in Juta Street in Braamfontein and in The Zone in Rosebank.  The Ashford Guesthouse and Rosebank Lodge are regular visitors!

Vovo Telo at The Factory

There are a few Vovo Telos all around Johannesburg (Parkhurst, 44 Stanley) but this one in Norwood is particularly excellent. It is close to guesthouse Fifteen on Orange and has a warm, quirky atmosphere, the most wonderful sourdough, pastries and divine flatbreads, and is surrounded by art galleries, vintage stores, crafts and funk. It’s filled with interesting people and if you’re in the hood, definitely worth visiting.  On Grant Avenue, in Norwood.

Bean There, 44 Stanley


Bean There, 44 Stanley

Walking in here is delicious. As you enter the flavours waft around and oh my, they are irresistible. Pure, fabulous coffee. You order at the counter, find a space at the bar, the communal table or in one of the cosy chairs, and breathe in not just the smell but the ambience. I love it here, and you can sit and relax or wander and explore the shops at 44 Stanley, with lots of art, fashion, decor and books.

It’s a favourite of ilali House and they can direct you very easily.

4th Avenue Roasters

We love this little coffee shop. It’s in Parkhurst, very small but with a beautiful courtyard area, fabulous for watching street life. Great coffee (they have an amazing pink coffee machine), wonderful crumpets and pancakes and the service is good. Take your book and hang out for a while.

It’s close to Bridge House which just by the way is also divine. We love Parkhurst for all the shops, galleries and restaurants on 4th.

Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar


Pablo Eggs Bar, Melville

This is in Melville and a firm favourite of Melville Manor, either for a pick up coffee or sit down for an excellent and large brunch. We quite like the idea of picking up a coffee from here and then wandering down 7th, window shopping, then stopping for a meal at the other end, perhaps at De La Creme who make fab coffee too.

The Perfect Cup

This is in Parkview. They start early in the morning roasting their own beans and have astonishingly good coffee. It’s a very simple little place, no frills, but brilliant beans, coffee and the freshest of muffins. Roscommon Cottage and At The Zoo are regulars here and The Perfect Cup supplies a lot of the other Parkview restaurants.  On Tyrone Avenue.

The Fat Zebra

The Fat Zebra is in Linden and marvellous. It’s a favourite of Liz at Lancaster and Amanzi Guesthouse, although not that easy to get in. The coffee is strong, the food is absolutely brilliant and desserts are rather divine as well. Try their Elvis for brunch, french toast with bacon and peanut butter and strawberries and the purest of syrup. And if you’re a coffee fundi, check out their machine. Pretty smart.

There are so many coffee shops we have not mentioned. Cramers Coffee, Motherland, Doubleshot and Priest Espresso Bar.


Get drinking, Jozi people. Let us know what your favourite coffee shop is.