Quiz Nights in Jozi


I don’t quite remember when Quiz Nights in Johannesburg became a thing. I’ve been going to the Quiz Night at Nuno’s in Melville for almost two years, I have a friend who is a regular at the Quiz at Vovo Telo in Parkhurst and another at The Cobblestone Pub in Montecasino.

Quiz Night in Jozi can be formal (Nuno’s) or part of the more regulated ‘Quiz Night SA.’ Quiz Night SA hosts weekly quizzes all around Johannesburg and Pretoria, and they work on a league system. Anyone can go to quiz night, although it is a good idea to choose your area and book a table at the restaurant or pub. They’ll explain the rules to you.

Some of the tables enter in the league, others don’t, it depends on your Quiz.

Sometimes there is an entry fee (my quiz is R 40 per person) but as I am researching this I realise many of the quizzes are free. In fact the quizzes that are part of Quiz Night SA are free. They do expect you to eat and drink though, which is how the restaurants or pubs make their money.

And I have to say, Quiz Night is fantastic. It’s a good chance to show off your knowledge, or lack of it, it is a great way to meet new people and to discover new restaurants and suburbs, and it is loads of fun.  Also, the restaurant usually gives one round of free drinks towards the end!

Good money can be made at Quiz Night although usually people just go for fun. There is alway prize money on the night, usually sponsored by the restaurant / pub.

Questions range from politics and sport to music and television. If you are like me, no swotting is required. If you are competitive and are only going to win, then study up on your geography, history and pop music.

Little Forest-72

Little Forest Guesthouse

If you’re staying at one of our Johannesburg Guesthouses then the Quiz Night at Vovo Telo is for you. It’s on Tuesday nights at 7 pm, and entrance is free. You can even walk from our Little Forest Guesthouse if you are a guest here, it’s close and in the gorgeous suburb of Parkhurst too.



We love Parkhurst by the way, it is filled with funky shops, boutiques, restaurants and coffee houses. And now there’s Quiz Night too!

Have a look at Quiz Night SA’s Facebook page. You can get all the info here.  See you in the finals!