Dogs have become the perfect accessory in Parkhurst. The people who live in this gorgeous suburb are mostly young couples, families with small children, single up and coming professionals, and – dog lovers!   If you wander up and down 4th Avenue, with its many restaurants, boutiques and cafes, you’re bound to see at least three pugs, three poodles, a couple of great danes and a pit-bull or two.


Parkhurst is wonderful and diverse, evident from the many kinds of people sitting at the sidewalk cafes. 4th Avenue is the main avenue, busy day and night, and 6th Avenue has become a huge drawcard too, filled with galleries, designer boutiques and decor stores.

It’s an easy suburb to wander around, as I discovered on a recent Parkhurst walking tour that I did with DA Ward councillor, Tim Truluck. We walked the streets and we walked down by the river; really beautiful.

There’s a fantastic urban village community. The houses are small, mostly refurbished and stylish, the roads are clean, there are cyclists, dog walkers and a sense of people knowing and looking out for one another.

The Parkhurst recreation centre is very special and is what draws so many young people to this area. It comprises a public swimming pool, a library, a clinic and a park. The park, Verity Park, used to be home to the Parkhurst soccer club, but is now a park for all. In the daytime you’ll see moms and their children, heading from the library to the pool to the park. In the evenings you’ll see the dogs, running freely and having a ball. And members of the community walking around the field, exercising, jogging, cycling, strolling and chatting.

Verity Park is not the only park, although it’s the most well known Parkhurst Park. You can wander down to the Spruit (a river that runs right through Johannesburg) and if you’re a visitor, your Johannesburg Guesthouse owner will direct you to the closest access point. There are many bridges, secret bridges, that link Parkhurst to the Spruit. And then there’s a whole different world, away from bustling 4th, away from the restaurants and the bars – wide open spaces, grasses, flowers, and footpaths for both hikers and cyclists.

Holiday Bed Room (New) (1)

The bridge over the spruit at Bridge House

We have Bridge House which is in the heart of Parkhurst, a four star Tuscan style guesthouse with just five beautiful bedrooms, gorgeous gardens and a pool that directly overlooks the Spruit. The position is ideal and it is really easy to wander down for a drink or dinner and then wander back. And Chateau de Carolle is in Greenside, the suburb next to Parkhurst, very close to Pirates Sports Club where the two suburbs converge. Pirates is always busy too, with sports matches, soccer, rugby, cricket, a pool, gym and a popular bar.

All of our Johannesburg Guesthouses are close to Parkhurst. Some of our favourite restaurants on the strip are Vovo TeloSalsa, Craft, Coobs and Hudsons, but there are many. Whether you’re staying in this village or not, it’s worth hanging out here for a few hours, window shopping, shopping, eating and rambling.


Gourmet milkshakes from Craft Restaurant

 Parkhurst, it’s gorgeous.