The definition of community:-

  1. A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.
  1. A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals.

Our Johannesburg Guesthouses are a community. We are all in the Rosebank Region, are in close proximity to one another and we all have the same aim. We want to run the very best guesthouses that we can. We want to have satisfied guests. We want returning guests. And we want to do really well as an association.

Johannesburg Guesthouses do a lot of crowd-sourcing.  If Liz at Lancaster Guest House  gets an accommodation query that she feels better suited to another guesthouse, she will refer the guest on to other guest houses in the association. If Pam at Amanzi Guest House finds a fab supplier for new linen, she will share it. And recently when Delia from Rutland House discovered an excellent laundromat, she recommended them.

If there is a problem, we work together too. It may be a client that has a specific request, a guest who needs something brought up from another city, someone looking for a private driver or a gluten-free meal.

We will help each other where we can.

Which brings us back to community. There is a beautiful story going around at the moment. A homeless man in Melville, Jonathan, had his two magnificent dogs taken (dognapped) from him. They were stolen by a woman, no-one quite knows why. Jonathan was devastated. The community rallied around. Jane who runs Melville Manor followed the story closely on social media, offering help where she could. The restaurants in the area and all the local community members got involved. People circulated photographs, Facebook posts and tweets, all with one aim. To get the dogs back to their rightful owner.


Jonathan, happily united with his dogs

It took three days, over 600 Facebook posts and an extraordinary community to get the dogs back. And today, Jonathan was reunited with his dogs. A woman (is it the same woman who stole them, no-one knows) handed them in to the SPCA. The SPCA are looking after them and tomorrow Jonathan will have his dogs back home.

Even though he is homeless!

jono and dogs 2

The thing is that Jonathan may be homeless but he has a community. He is well supported in looking after (and loving) his dogs. And the community will continue to look after and support him in every way they can. As they have, for the last few years.

We’re kinda proud to be part of that community. And of our Johannesburg Guesthouse community too.