Amanzi Guest House

Our Johannesburg Guesthouses are all small, intimate and super personal. Guests get to know the owners really well and a successful stay often depends on the interaction between owner and guest.

But of course it is impossible for an owner to be on hand 24 hours a day. Everyone needs a break, a holiday or even a honeymoon, and this is where it is so important to have brilliant staff.

Pam and Rob from Amanzi Guest House are currently in France. They’re the honeymoon couple! They’re sitting on a barge, exploring the canals, proudly flying the South African flag, and perfectly secure in knowing Amanzi is being perfectly run in their absence.


Pam and Rob, owners of Amanzi Guest House, flying the SA flag in France

Cue in Thabang, Deli, Lena and James. As a team they look after Amanzi Guesthouse as if it is their own. James is the most competent and welcoming manager. He meets all the guests, checks them in and shows them around, makes them feel totally at home, and arranges any extra services (transport, touring, restaurant bookings) that guests may need.  Thabang is in the kitchen, but super personal. He chats to guests about any dietary requirements they may have, bakes the best bread and most delicious fresh and healthy breakfasts. If he’s not in the kitchen you’ll find him in the garden, picking home grown herbs and veggies for the day.

Deli puts in the finishing touches, making sure there are fresh flowers in the vases, plumped up cushions and a warm fire on a chilly day. She also spends time in the kitchen baking treats which get placed on the complimentary tea trays in all the apartments, and she keeps the apartments clean and spotless.

Lena is always around with her beautiful smile and gentle nature, checking up on all the guests. She’s responsible for the laundry. Linen is crisply ironed and towels tumble dried for extra softness. There’s a one day turn around laundry service, especially useful for both long stay guests and the business man who jets in for a day and needs his shirt pressed and ironed quickly.


Meet Deli, Thabang and Lena of Amanzi Guest House

Amanzi. It really is a home away from home. No matter who’s at work!

N.B. Check out the amazing winter specials. Single R 790 and double R 850. Weekend special, R 1700 for two nights, including a gift.