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Valentine’s Day – Jewels

It’s Valentine’s Day and we think by this time you know where to buy flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals and all that kinda romantic stuff. But do you know where to buy beautiful jewels? And do you know that if you buy beautiful jewels for your partner you will feel forever madly deeply truly loved? We…
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Music in Johannesburg

Jozi’s music scene is pretty cool and if you’re into music you will want to check out these hip and fab venues. You’ll find funky bohemian style bars, upmarket jazz clubs, extraordinary rooftop venues and outdoor parks catering to large concerts. Here are some of our favourites:- The Bassline is a real musical institution in…
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2015 Johannesburg Highlights

It’s nearly the end of the year, can you believe it, and so it’s time for us to reflect on the Jozi highlights of 2015. Difficult, as there have been so many, but here goes. Feel free to add to the list under ‘Comments’. First Thursdays – We love this event, when galleries in Braamfontein…
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